Is The Anavar safe for women?

Anavar steroid for women

Anyone who did any sport, knows that steroids are used by vast majority of sportsmen. In many cases, the people who are most blamed to take steroids are bodybuilders and powerlifters, but believe me- it is not just them who are taking steroids. You have probably heard about many cyclists use steroids in order to be faster and have higher endurance, have you? Also, many NBA players have been detected as well as tennis players. Most commonly used substances nowadays are Testosterone, or human growth hormone (HGH). While these two compounds are pretty useful and haves strong effects, there are some compounds that do not do that much, but also have a low side effects.

Simply, steroids work like that- the bigger the gains, the bigger the chance of getting side effects. There are certain steroids that has no big anabolic (muscle growth) effects, but neither noticeable androgenic (acne, deep voice) effects. Such steroid is called Anavar, and it is pretty old school steroid, produced about 70 years ago, for human usage. Like Winstrol, it’s also a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and do not aromatize, so there’s no conversion of testosterone to androgen. This means that gynecomastia is not likely to occur. Studies shown that it doesn’t interfere with testosterone secretion in the body significantly, and this is good, because after cycle you want your production of testosterone to be restored quickly.

Work out with steroidsWe are talking about male individuals here, but what’s with the female individuals? Is Anavar safe for women? First, no steroid is one hundred percent (100%) safe, because every one of them have negative, side effects, like every other medication- not just steroids. As for the woman’s body, answer is again “no”, because it responds to steroids different than the man’s body. But, because Anavar (Oxandrolone) is very mild, it is commonly used by women and female bodybuilders. Many say that Anavar is like Testosterone for males. Unlike many strong steroids like Dianabol for example that can ruin a woman’s femininity, Anavar isn’t such steroid. Like in the case of male individuals, Anavar can be good for a woman who want to cut down excessive fat. Of course, Anavar will accelerate that process for a small amount, and will also prevent the loss of muscle. Remember that, when body is burning fat, at low calorie diets, it also burns muscle, which is something to be prevented.

As for side effects, we mentioned that probability for that is low, but it is still there. The most common thing women worry about when taking steroids is virilization, Effects of virilization are deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement and growth of body hair. Those effects are something many women are afraid of, but again, if you do not abuse this or any other steroids, chances are very low that this will occur. Also, if you notice it on time, you can stop using that steroid and it will disappear. So is Anavar safe for women? Not for sure, but it can drastically improve women’s look if took properly. I however don’t support any use of steroids either by women of men.